Our story

With over 50 years of frontline experience in the FM and Asset Management, Acutro lives and breathes building performance understanding the intricacies of all building systems and assets. Acutro is pioneering an intelligence layer that can ‘diagnose’, ‘predict’ and ‘prevent’ faults from occurring in the first place. The Platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine-Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL) models to produce more predictive analytics when monitoring building performance.
The Acutro team are passionate about driving technological change across commercial real estate and unlocking value in data.

Our mission

Acutro was born to deliver the next generation of intelligent devices and systems across the built environment. With a focus on delivering real RoI across a number of disciplines, Acutro is aligned to any property’s annual service charge budget.

The Acutro platform allows the building owner, manager and occupier to have greater oversight, be more productive, enhance the quality of life within the building, achieve sustainability goals and drive savings in energy and maintenance.

Acutro aim’s to build  long lasting relationships with our customers, knowing their success is our success.

About Us

Acutro was founded on the premise that there is a better way to manage and influence the built environment. Acutro promises to be different from the first tranche of Smart Building and PropTech providers. We call it ‘Smart Buildings 2.0’. With our own IP; not only in the platform but the Acutro Lens that can extract data from any building and device, Acutro aggregates all live building data, making it the Predictive Analytics Platform of choice for any property portfolio across the globe.